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Geekmatics' Terms and Conditions
including Warranty

Below is our Terms and Conditions of Service


Supported Products

Geekmatics provides service on many products including all Apple, all Windows computers, most tablets and phones, and game consoles. Any product not listed may be serviced at the discretion of Geekmatics.

Limited Shop Warranty

Most of our parts carry a lifetime warranty. Board level repairs carry a one-year warranty. The guarantee does not cover issues that may develop within the warranty period that are not related to services performed or to the original issue or symptom diagnosed and repaired.

There is a 30% restock fee, which includes return shipping for any change of mind by the customer after the part has been ordered.

Warranty Exclusions

We do not offer warranties or guarantees, explicit or implicit, on any of the following:

  • Any service using parts not purchased through Geekmatics

  • Any software issues, including virus removal

  • New symptoms/issues not directly tied to the original service within the warranty period

  • Installing new hardware or modifying existing hardware in the warranty period voids the warranty unless done by Geekmatics

  • Recurrence of original symptoms or issues caused by user error or negligence in the warranty period, including but not limited to physical damage (drops, crushing, exposure to temperature extremes), liquid damage (spills on and liquid immersion of the device), electrical damage (improper grounding, contact with poorly performing or damaged electrical networks), and damage caused through installation or use of harmful software components (viruses, malware, spyware), voids the warranty

NOTE: If your device is physically tampered with or damaged within the warranty period, the warranty is void. This includes but is not limited to cracked screens, dents to the casing, internal damage not present at time of original repair, attempts to open or modify the device, or any other action, accidental or intentional, that could cause our repair to fail.

Replacement Parts Procedure

If a service requires parts to complete, we will contact and inform you of the need prior to ordering any parts. We will explain the part needed, why it’s necessary, any associated costs, and give an estimate of when the part will likely arrive. Due to shipping times being beyond our control, our estimate is the best guess and is not intended to guarantee arrival by a specific time.
All non-stocked parts require a payment upfront.

Any replacement parts not supplied by Geekmatics are not covered by any kind of warranty or guarantee except as might be provided by the part manufacturer. By providing your own parts, you acknowledge that you understand and agree that any work we provide is not covered by the Geekmatics’ Warranty. You also agree to waive any liability for damage to your device caused by faulty parts or other part incompatibilities.

Manufacturer Warranty Repair

Some services performed by Geekmatics may void your manufacturer’s warranty. Where we can, we will try to inform you before proceeding. Some manufacturers provide exemptions for professional repair shops, though we cannot guarantee in any way that yours will, nor do we have a list of manufacturers who do provide such exceptions. Always check with your manufacturer before bringing a device still under warranty in for repair work.

Any repairs or modifications to iPhones and other iDevices WILL void your warranty. By accepting service from Geekmatics, you understand and agree that we are not held liable for voiding your device's manufacturer’s warranty.

Estimate and Repair Time

Estimates and repairs will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

We strive to be able to provide an on-the-spot estimate to all our customers, however due to the complicated nature of most modern electronics, we will often not be able to provide an exact estimate and diagnosis until we open the device and examine it thoroughly. In this circumstance, we try to provide an estimate within 24 hours of the device being left with us, however we do not make any guarantees.

We pride ourselves on the speed of our repairs, however many of the factors that determine the length of your repair are beyond our control. As such, we will attempt to service your device as soon as possible in the order it was received. Many of our repairs are completed in 1-48 hours, however we offer no guarantees of how long your service will take. Any references to service times on our website or in promotional materials are our best estimates based on previous experience and are not meant to represent an exact time frame or offer any guarantees of service time.

For customers needing the quickest repair possible, Rush Service is available, and may incur an additional Rush Service Fee. Rush Service guarantees only that your device is moved to the top of our repair queue and that your device is looked at and serviced by a technician before any other devices which may have come in before yours. It is not to be taken as a contract, guarantee, or promise for any specific time frame in which your device is finished.

Equipment Storage and Handling

Due to storage concerns, we will hold on to devices for up to 30 days after we contact you to pick up your device. After that time, if we have not heard from you we will consider your device abandoned, and it will become property of Geekmatics. We cannot guarantee that your equipment will not be discarded after the initial 30-day period, so it is critical that you pick up your equipment on time.


Geekmatics accepts all major credit cards and cash.

Payment is due when you pick up your device.

Geekmatics does offer payment plans through Acima.

Please have the total due ready when you come to pick up your device.


Geekmatics does not guarantee the security or safety of your data. While we take every precaution possible to make sure the integrity of your data is unaffected, we cannot assume liability for any lost data as a result of services performed by Geekmatics.

If we are aware that a procedure may result in loss of data, we will inform you of the possibility, and will offer to back your data up at an additional cost. However, due to the complex nature of electronic devices, we cannot predict in advance  what may happen to your data in every situation. We strongly encourage you to back up any important files and documents before you bring your device in for service.

Our Data Recovery services require highly specialized knowledge, tools, and parts. As such, please be advised that both estimates and services involving Data Recovery typically take longer than hardware-related service. Geekmatics will not charge you for any attempted recovery unless we recover the data you are looking for, with the following exceptions:

  • If a mechanical recovery is needed, we will ask for a non-refundable deposit before ordering parts necessary to complete your recovery.

  • If we need to send out to our lab partner, we will ask for a non-refundable deposit for shipping and media.

  • If a competing shop has attempted recovery prior to the device arriving at Geekmatics, we may charge a non-refundable deposit to cover the extra difficulty involved in attempting to fix any issues prior recovery attempts have caused.


Online Purchase Returns

Return shipping is at buyer's expense. 

14 day return policy but we must be notified ahead of time. Must be returned in original packaging and not used.

Buyers remorse - 20% restock fee. Must be in original packaging.

We reserve the right to check any returns and credit back accordingly.

Digital Item Returns

Sorry, no return on digital items or any downloaded items.

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