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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us 

quotation marks around Geekmatics reviews

I’m so thankful I found Geekmatics! I had a cracked iPad screen and a completely destroyed iPhone (run over by several cars on a US19). I thought they would laugh at the iPhone and want a fortune to replace the iPad screen. Not the case in either situation. I walked out of there the next day with basically a brand new iPad and iPhone, and was shocked at how little I was charged! I won’t just recommend them, I will be back as a customer (after my kids drop the iPad again)!!!!!

Review by Steve E- 5star

Absolutely excellent service from start to finish! Several attempts at Best Buy with their Geek Squad could not do the job, to the Tech Dept at Staples that could not do the job, finally to Geekmatics and did the job!!!! Will recommend them for anyone with any computer problems! Excellent service! Highly recommend them!

Review by-Jan S-

I worked with Dusten to restore data from an external drive that had been plaguing me for quite a while. Not only did the data get restored but the price to pay was very inexpensive. I expected to pay more and gladly would have. I would recommend these folks to anyone.

Review by -Bryan L-

Wonderful customer service and they solved my tablet problem cost effectively and within 24 hours. Batteries Plus customer service consisted of them telling me to get a new tablet, apparently they didn’t want my business. Dustin, THANK YOU!

Review by -Clara A-

quotation marks around Geekmatics reviews

Feeling impressed at Geekmatics. April 19 Palm Harbor, FL

I have an iPhone that has been crapping out on me lately, and got to the point where it was almost unusable. I took it to the Sprint store where I bought it over a year ago. They said that it was out of warranty and unrepairable, but encouraged me either buy a new phone or that I could try and take it to the Apple store to see if they could help. Not wanting to buy a new phone I decided to take it to the Apple store over in Tampa.

Well, the “geniuses” at Apple tells me that it was out of warranty and its unrepairable, BUT the GOOD NEWS was that I could recycle it with them and get $300 towards the purchase of a new phone (a new iPhone costs $700+)… Not the solution I was looking for. So I was stuck. I didn’t want to buy a new damned phone. This one was only a year and a half years old, and I paid $700+ for it last year. I’m not in the habit of shelling out $700+ for a phone every year. No, thanks.

Well, last week, I had a computer/cell phone repair company named Geekmatics call looking to advertise with me at the Taste of Dunedin event last weekend… which we did.

But, and here is the point of this post, I thought to myself, “self, why don’t you give these guys a shot and see what they say?”

So I took it over to them today (located in the LA Fitness Plaza next to Fountains Plaza off US 19 in Palm Harbor) and showed them the phone. Long story short… it cost me $45, and they fixed it in about 30 minutes!!! WOW!

Its like I have an all new cell phone again!

Both the Sprint Store and Apple failed.. but Geekmatics knocked it totally out of the ballpark!!

If you have cell phone that needs the screen fixed, or acting buggy, or whatever… give these guys a call (727.230.3696) or stop in and drop off your phone/computer etc.

I am totally impressed. From one geek to another, thanks guys!

Review by -Eric D-

If you need something repaired, go here. Customer service is second to none. They persisted in tracking down a hard-to-find part for my Kindle Fire when no one else could make it happen. They kept me updated during the entire process, and didn’t charge a dime extra despite all the extra steps that were required to get the part. They made my son’s Christmas when they called and said the tablet is ready to pick up. Thumbs WAY up to these genuinely helpful people!

Review by -IGC-

Polite counter person, no charge to find out the charger part of mainframe on my tablet went bad. I would go to again if I experience computer problems in future.

Review by -Howard H-

Knowledgeable, courteous, professional. Fixed my iPad quickly, and the price was great. Thanks Dustin

Review by -Michael P-

Quickly repaired iPhone screen at a great price.

Review by -C Shaw-

Quickly repaired iPhone screen at a great price.

Very Good Service, Will come back over and over again. Very Pleased!!!

Review by -Barbara-

Last time Geekmatics recovered the data on my daughter’s hard drive. This time my laptop – the one that IS my business – refused to turn on.

The same day Geekmatics diagnosed the problem and did not charge me because they spent less than 30 minutes on it!! My laptop works and I know how to solve the problem if it happens in the future.

My data was backed-up but knowing I can get same day service like this is an extraordinary relief. If you have a problem, go to Geekmatics!

Review by -Jen F-

I spilled water on my computer and took it to these guys. They were very helpful and determined that I had a bad keyboard from the water damage. They ordered the keyboard and said it should be in the next day. The next day came and they called me with bad news, the keyboard was backordered from Toshiba for 30 days. I was mad but not at geekmatics. They told me they were only able to order from certain distributors. I found a keyboard on amazon for the same price as Toshiba and this included next day shipping. I thanked geekmatics and got my computer back to wait for the keyboard. The next day cam and my keyboard arrived, I installed it yet the computer would not boot. I took my computer back to geekmatics thinking they may have not connected everything back. Toshiba Dave helped me again and gave me the bad news that my motherboard may be fried from the water as well and if so it would be cheaper to buy a new laptop or that it may only need the bios software updated. He kept the computer overnight and called me the next day saying he updated the software and the computer was performing correctly. They did not charge me any more than the first original diagnostic fee. These guys are pros and very helpful. Even though I hope I never have to I would definitely do business with the again.

Review by -Larry P-

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