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Top-Quality Custom Built Gaming Computers

custom gaming computer built by Geekmatics

Wouldn't you like to own this custom built gaming computer? An awesome rig, built by our expert technicians. Ask for Blake or Anthony.

Call today, and let one of our computer build tech experts help you design your custom built gaming computer dream machine! 727-230-3696

Geekmatics provides top -quality custom built gaming computers.









Custom Built Gaming Computers

Geekmatics is one of the most innovative and elite gaming computer builders in the industry. Having previously owned the famous "Lansharks" Gaming Facility, we know how to build custom gaming computers. Using only the best components, your custom build will be assembled by hands of our expert gaming professionals.

Geekmatics builds some of the best performing gaming computers on the market, and we are constantly pushing the envelope to provide a great gaming experience for our customers. You still get all the choices of a "do it yourself" assembly with all the bells and whistles, but we do all the work. 

custom gaming computer built by Geekmatics
ASUS parts at Geekmatics
Western Digital at Geekmatics
intel parts at Geekmatics
EVGA parts at Geekmatics
nvidia parts at Geekmatics
zalman parts at Geekmatics
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