Micro Solder and Board Level Repair

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Problems with your

MacBook, MacBook Pro & MacBook Air?

Apple iPad Series?

Samsung Galaxy Series?

Windows PC and Laptop? Console Game?

We can fix Board level repairs with these devices also

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Common Service Issues

Audio Issues

Does your phone have these issues?

Callers can't hear you

Voice memos are grayed out

Sound doesn't record on videos

Siri can't hear you

Your hear static on calls

Speakerphone doesn't work

Phone takes a long time to boot

Charging Issues

Does your phone have these issues?

No longer takes a charge

Charging percentage is stuck

Touch Issues

Does your phone have these issues?

Flickering grey bar at the top of the display
Occasional loss of touch or no touch function at all

Connector Issues

Damaged connectors replaced

Backlight Issues

Dim screen

No image

No backlight after screen was replaced

Data Recovery

Save your memories, let us recover your photos

Recover your contacts

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1 Year Warranty

1-4 Day Turn Around Time

All iPhones


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Fine Print


Geekmatics is not responsible for any loss, corruption or breach of the data on the product during microsoldering repair service.

Geekmatics is not responsible for any accessory left with device. (ex. Sim card, SD card, case, etc.)*

Under the circumstances that a device is not able to be tested completely by us prior to any repair,  Geekmatics will not be held liable for any functions that do not operate after the device has been repaired.

Microsoldering  a motherboard with ic, fpc or any other component, is extremely risky even with the tools, training, and knowledge that we possess.  Motherboard repair may even cause loss of other functions that are not related to what is being repaired and/or the device may not turn on again. By sending your device, you agree that you are aware and assume all these risks and will not hold Geekmatics liable should any of this occur.

We offer one year warranty on all micro-soldering board repairs. If your repair fails within the warranty period, we will either repair the device again, or issue a refund under no fix. We must see the device again in house to confirm and do failure analysis. We do not pay for shipping the device to us.