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Expert Microsolder and Board Level Repair Service

Has another shop told you your device is not repairable?

Think you may have a Board Level problem and need microsolder repair?

Or, have you lost pictures or data? We can help with that too.

At Geekmatics, we offer board-level microsolder repair and data recovery

services. We understand that not everyone can bring their computer to us, so

we also offer mail-in services for clients outside of the area. We are committed

to providing our customers with the best possible repair services and customer support.

Come to our store for repair, or mail your Macbook to us if you're outside of

north Pinellas County. Board level problems are caused by physical damage, age,

overheating, and liquid spills.  These problems are often completely fixable

by our microsolder repair service. 

 Shop owners: great margins for you to facilitate customer repairs.

Problems with your

MacBook, MacBook Pro & MacBook Air

Apple iPad Series

Samsung Galaxy Series

Windows PC and Laptop? Console Game

If you have an item not listed, call us 727-230-3696, we can often repair it.















iPhone logic board

Common Service Issues

black rectangle

Common Service Issues

black rectangle

Audio Issues

Does your phone have these issues?

Callers can't hear you

Voice memos are grayed out

Sound doesn't record on videos

Siri can't hear you

Your hear static on calls

Speakerphone doesn't work

Phone takes a long time to boot

Charging Issues

Does your phone have these issues?

No longer takes a charge

Charging percentage is stuck

Touch Issues

Does your phone have these issues?

Flickering grey bar at the top of the display
Occasional loss of touch or no touch function at all

Connector Issues

Damaged connectors replaced

Backlight Issues

Dim screen

No image

No backlight after screen was replaced

Data Recovery

Save your memories, let us recover your photos

Recover your contacts

Microsolder logic board

Come in or ship in to get your microsolder repair started today.

Questions? Call us

Walk Ins Welcome

1 Year Warranty


All iPhones

Console Games

Everything Else - call us 727-230-3696

iPhone 11 logic board
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