B2B Discounted Microsolder Repair

Your shop doesn't yet offer logic board repair, but you would like to. Geekmatics offers discounted rates for bulk orders and B2B microsolder repairs in iPhones and other cell phones, iPads and other tablets, MacBooks and other laptops as well as console game systems. Please call and chat with us. 727-230-3696.

Attention Shop owners: Stay competitive with great margins by using Geekmatics for logic board repairs.


For repair shops, we offer discounted rates under the following guidelines.

  • The unit was pre-diagnosed to have a board level problem.

  • Allow for adequate time to repair devices.

  • If we do not have a password to test the device, we cannot confirm repairs, which may result in additional charges for any re-work repairs.

  • Disclose any previous repairs.

  • Assume all responsibility for disassembly and reassembly

  • Geekmatics is not responsible for any loss, corruption or breach of the data on the product during microsoldering repair service.

  • Geekmatics is not responsible for any accessory left with device. (ex. Sim card, SD card, case, etc.)*

  • Under the circumstances that a device is not able to be tested completely by us prior to any repair,  Geekmatics will not be held liable for any functions that do not operate after the device has been repaired.

  • Microsoldering  a motherboard with ic, fpc or any other component, is extremely risky even with the tools, training, and knowledge that we possess.  Motherboard repair may even cause loss of other functions that are not related to what is being repaired and/or the device may not turn on again. By sending your device, you agree that you are aware and assume all these risks and will not hold Geekmatics liable should any of this occur.

  • Assume all support for end customer

  • Not disclosing our contact information to the end customer

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