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Residential Data Backup

Easy Residential Data Cloud Backup Service

Residential Data Backup

Don’t lose your photos, music, and documents. Backup your files for less than the cost of one smoothie a month and keep a lifetime of photos, music, and irreplaceable files safe.

Geekmatics offers residential data backup for only

$ 60/ year for 1 computer/device or $40/year each for 2 or more computers/devices.

Advantages of Residential Data Backup

Simple, Automatic, and Continuous

Set it and forget about it. Your files are automatically and continuously backed up.

Easy to Restore

Cloud backup protects against lost or damaged laptops, hardware failures and even coffee spilled on keyboards. Restore all of your files or just a few.  

Anytime Anywhere Access

You forgot a file on your home computer or want to share with friends. No problem. You can view, share and download your files from your mobile devices, wherever and whenever you need them.

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