Nationwide Ship In Screen Repairs FAQs


We have put together some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our Nationwide Ship-In Screen Repair Service. If you have additional questions not addressed here, please don’t hesitate to call us and ask. 727. 230.3696.

Q – Are the screens made by Apple?

A – Apple doesn’t make their products. They only design them. All parts are manufactured at independent facilities.  Our screens come from the same places Apple buys from.


Q – Will you need my passcode?

A – If you have a passcode on your device we’ll need you to provide it for us. We have been in business over 14 years and have an excellent reputation and we offer a 100% secure environment.  The reason we need the passcode is to test the cameras, speakers, microphones, touch sensitivity, etc. We do not look at anything on your device besides those features.

Q – Will I lose any of my data when my devise is being repaired?

A - You should always back up your data. We have never lost anyone’s data but anything can happen at any time, especially during shipping. Call us first and ask about our low cost backup service.


Q – I bought a part online, will you still do the repair?

A – Yes, we will, but we cannot warranty the repair since it was not our part.


Q – How long will it take to repair my device?

A – We usually repair the device the same day and ship it back to you. The new MacBook models may take 3-5 business days to complete and sometimes we’ll need to keep your device for an additional day if the device is delivered late to us. Windows laptops may also take 3-5 business days depending on whether your particular screen is in stock. But we advise you every step of the way.


Q – When do I pay?

A – You don’t pay for your repair until we’ve repaired it. As soon as we receive your device we’ll notify you saying we received it.  When your repair is done we’ll email you with a payment link. You can pay with a credit card.


Q – If I need my device faster, can I have it returned overnight  to me?

A – Yes, we can ship over-night but there will be an additional charge.


Q – Is there any warranty?

A – Yes. With every repair we have a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty with our parts. So if your screen/glass has issues unrelated to accidental damage just contact us and we’ll swap it out for free. If your screen is cracked or damaged in any way we cannot replace it for free. Contact us for more details if this applies to you.


Q – What if I need other repairs done to my device?

A – We are a full service repair shop and can complete almost any repair. If additional repairs are needed, we will contact you immediately.


Q – I have Apple Care Warranty on my Apple device. Will this void my warranty?

A – Technically yes, but unless Apple is repairing it for you for free, what’s the warranty good for? Actually, any time you have a problem with your Apple product, you should check with us first.

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