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B2B Discounted Microsolder Repair Service Terms and Conditions

For repair shops, we offer discounted rates under the following guidelines.

  • The unit was pre-diagnosed to have a board level problem.

  • We offer a one-year warranty on all micro-soldering board repairs we complete. We do not warranty any other issues. If your repair fails within the warranty period, we will either repair the device again, or issue a refund under no fix. We must see the device again in- house to confirm and do failure analysis. We do not pay for shipping the device to us.

  • Warranty does not apply to Data Recovery jobs.

  • If you send in a device for microsolder repair, and it turns out the issue is parts or a software update/restore, we will only bill you a $45 diagnostic fee for finding the issue and includes return shipping if unit was shipped in. You also have the option for us to complete the repair, which would waive the $45 diagnostic fee.

  • There is a $15 charge to cover return shipping on any repairs that are deemed "No Fix".

  • If we are not able to completely test a unit prior to repair, Geekmatics will not be held liable for any functions that do not operate after the device has been repaired.

  • If your device is repairable, but the repair is declined, there is a $45  charge to cover the technician's time to open and check the device out, prepare a quote, close it up, and for shipping it back (if the unit was shipped in).

  • Our standard shipping methods are USPS priority mail or UPS. The cost is included in the repair. We do not put insurance or require signatures. However, if you would like to change this shipping method, please let us know, and we will try and accommodate, but if there are additional charges, they will be added to your invoice.

  • iPads Only: If you send the device assembled (screen is sealed), there will be an additional $30 fee to remove the screen. If we have to remove the screen, we are not responsible for any damage to the screen. There are some screens we will not remove. Call us first to check.

  • iMacs only - because of iMacs design and build, Geekmatics will not be responsible for any damage to iMacs during shipping. Sending iMacs in to us for repair is at the customer's own risk and any damage during shipping, in either direction, will be the responsibility of the customer. Return shipping back to customer: Geekmatics will have the iMac professionally packed, which will be billed to customer. Insurance is at option by the customer, but we strongly suggest customer to purchase insurance for the return.

  • DAMAGE IN TRANSIT when property is returned to the customer. Customer may not make any deduction from any payment due or paid hereunder by reason of damage to the property in transit or delivered. Upon Customer's written request, Geekmatics, at its sole discretion, may agree as a service to Customer to process Customer's claim against the carrier for any loss or damage in transit or delivered, provided that Customer notifies Geekmatics within 5 days, sends pictures of damage, returns damaged property in same shipping box with all same packing materials. If any of these conditions are not met, the claim will be dismissed.

  • If we do not have a password to test the device, we cannot confirm repairs, which may result in additional charges for any re-work repairs.

  • You must disclose any previous repairs.

  • Assume all responsibility for disassembly and reassembly

  • Geekmatics is not responsible for any loss, corruption or breach of the data on the product during microsoldering repair service.

  • Geekmatics is not responsible for any accessory left with device. (ex. Sim card, SD card, case, etc.)*

  • Under the circumstances that a device is not able to be tested completely by us prior to any repair,  Geekmatics will not be held liable for any functions that do not operate after the device has been repaired.

  • Microsoldering  a motherboard with ic, fpc or any other component, is extremely risky even with the tools, training, and knowledge that we possess.  Motherboard repair may even cause loss of other functions that are not related to what is being repaired and/or the device may not turn on again. By sending your device, you agree that you are aware and assume all these risks and will not hold Geekmatics liable should any of this occur.

  • Assume all support for end customer

  • Not disclosing our contact information to the end customer.

      Any questions or concerns, please call 727-230-3696.



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