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Business Data Backup

Protection with Our Business Data Backup


4 Reasons Data Backup is Crucial to Your Business

1. Audits and Taxes

Keeping business records is required and they must be kept for years. Sure, your computers have several years’ worth of information on them, but what happens when your computer crashes and the data is unrecoverable? Having an offsite backup of critical information is a necessity. A data disaster is no excuse for the IRS. Fines for non-compliance will be way beyond the money “saved” by not having your data backed up, not to mention the headache you’ll experience with all your data gone. Contact Geekmatics for your data backup.


2. Mistake or Malicious Intent

Someone on your network at some time will make a mistake – like accidentally opening an e-mail that contains a virus, or clicking the wrong button and deleting critically important files. You always have the exposure of your information being changed, deleted, etc. by a disgruntled former employee. Data Backups of your system can make these mistakes minimal due to the ability to restore to a point before the virus attacked, and before that important file was deleted, accidentally or on purpose.

3.  Deadly Downtime

Outages can cause business disruptions, resulting in reduced productivity, damage to reputation, breaches in security, and lost revenue. Think of breaches and lost business to Target and Amazon. This can happen to any business. There is no reason to take a chance on downtime happening when it is preventable. Call us to day for business data backup.


4.  Doing Work Twice

What happens when your system crashes and is unrecoverable? Everything has to be recreated. How long will it take to replace years of work and at what cost? Geekmatics will get you set up with data backup.

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